pyprocgame 0.9 Release Notes

The following change notes are a summary of changes between git hash 8482d6009a3b81f8624e and 8a769c077d1c184f5dcd:

General & Game



  • now calls pinproc.PinPROC.flush() after every game loop. This is in response to removing PRFlush() calls from within pypinproc driver update calls.
  • Added event type constants pinproc.EventTypeSwitchClosedDebounced and others.
  • Added machine type constants pinproc.MachineTypeWPC and others. Added support for wpc95 and wpcAlphanumeric machine types.
  • Added auxiliary bus commands.
  • Added pinproc.PinPROC.driver_pulsed_patter().
  • Added switch rule reload; see pinproc.PinPROC.switch_update_rule().

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