Before you install pyprocgame, you will need the following software components:

Download pyprocgame

Download the pyprocgame source code from


Which branch should I download? The two main branches of pyprocgame are master and dev. Master is the stable branch and is recommended for most users. New features are first made available in the dev branch, but bugs are much more likely to be found in the dev branch. Whichever branch you select, make sure that libpinproc, pypinproc, and pyprocgame are all from the same branch!

Installing pyprocgame

Using the command prompt, change to the pyprocgame directory and install pyprocgame with the following command: (depending on your system configuration you may need to use sudo)

python install

This will install pyprocgame such that you can import it from any Python script on your system:


It will also install the “procgame” command line tool into a system-dependent location. On Linux and Mac OS X systems this will probably be in your path such that you can type, from the command line:


and see a list of available commands. If it is not in your path you can invoke it directly, or modify your PATH environment variable. Note that on Windows the procgame script is typically located in C:\Python26\Scripts.


If you need to modify the pyprocgame source code (most users will not need to do this) you can use the script to configure pyprocgame to be “installed” at its present location. This allows you use pyprocgame as described above without modifying your Python path, etc. Simply run python develop. You can reverse this command with python develop --uninstall. Note that this requires the setuptools module to be installed.

System Configuration File

pyprocgame does not require configuration, but a system configuration file can be used to establish settings specific to your development environment. Note that this is distinct from the machine configuration file, which configures pyprocgame for the hardware elements of the pinball machine.

The system configuration file is located at ~/.pyprocgame/config.yaml. It is in the YAML file format, a human-friendly file format.


On UNIX-like platforms the ~ (tilde) is shorthand for the user’s home directory. Windows does not understand this shorthand, so if you do not know your home directory, run procgame config to find your configuration file path.

Any plain text editor can be used to edit the system configuration file, or you can use the procgame tool. See procgame config for more information.

The system configuration values are processed and accessed by the procgame.config module.

Configuration Keys/Values

Top Level Key Type Description
config_path Sequence List of paths that will be searched for machine configuration files via load_config().
desktop_dmd_scale Number (pyglet Desktop only) Sets the scale factor of the desktop DMD display.
dmd_cache_path String Provide a path to the directory to store cached animations in. If this key is not present, no images will be cached. See procgame.dmd.Animation.load() for further details.
font_path Sequence List of paths that will be searched by procgame.dmd.font_named().
keyboard_switch_map Mapping Maps characters (keys) to switches (values); used by Desktop to interpret keypresses as switch events. Switch values are run through pinproc.decode().
pinproc_class String Full name of a class to use as a standin for the PinPROC class. Typically used with procgame.fakepinproc.FakePinPROC.

Example Configuration

    - .
    - ~/Projects/PROC/shared/dmd
pinproc_class: procgame.fakepinproc.FakePinPROC
    - ~/Projects/PROC/shared/config
    # Enter, Up, Down, Exit
    7: SD8
    8: SD7
    9: SD6
    0: SD5
    # Start:
    s: S13
    z: SF4
    /: SF2
desktop_dmd_scale: 2
dmd_cache_path: ~/.pyprocgame/dmd_cache

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